Other Stuff – Star Trek vs. Star Wars

Some of you (assuming anyone reads this postings) might think this is not a fair topic, due to it’s obviousness. For example, which is better, fruit juice or poison? Answer, fruit juice. Which is better, being alive or dead? Answer, alive. Which is better, Star Trek or Star Wars? Obviously, the answer is Star Trek. But for those that would rather drink poison and die, let’s discuss the reasons.

Star Trek is for adults, Star Wars for children. Let me put it in a way Star Wars fans will understand:

Before you start throwing your sippy cups against the wall, think about this: Do a search on Ebay for Star Wars Bed Sheets. 83 Results. Full size, twin, comforters, flat sheets! Now search for Star Trek bed sheets. One result. A personalized embroidered pillow case. Case closed.

If that wasn’t enough, consider this: Imagine you’ve convinced a friend of yours to see a Star Wars movie with you. He thinks they’re childish. You explain to him the storyline, the mythology behind it, the detail of the history of the characters, blah blah blah. You’re watching The Empire Strikes Back. Then, what appears on the screen? Ewoks. Basically, teddy bears carrying spears. And these teddy bears end up defeating an army of genetically cloned fully armed-with-laser-guns storm troopers. Right. You meekly excuse yourself to refill your sippy cup.

What’s particularly amazing, is that the very first Star Wars movie, released in 1977, was excellent. The special effects were terrific, but so was the script. As the years went by, it seems that for every dollar they invested in special effects, they took away a dollar from the scriptwriters. By the year 2005 when the last movie was released, 14 billion dollars were spent on the effects, and they were paying homeless kindergärtners to write the script in exchange for old McDonald’s Star Wars Ewok plastic cups.

I actually remember the day I saw Star Wars in the theater back in 1977. I drove home flashing my car’s high beams yelling “Hyperspace!”. But, I was 17 years old. I am now almost 50 years old. I am a man.

Excuse me, I have to go now. It’s time to dust my scale model of the Enterprise NX-01.


5 thoughts on “Other Stuff – Star Trek vs. Star Wars

  1. I’m not the biggest fan of either one, so I have no sippy cup to throw, but I’d have to say Star Trek make more since than Star Wars. Good argument….

  2. You just made an argument about Star Wars being for children, yet you finish with a statement about your TOY model?

    Poor decision making, sir.

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