Other Stuff – Less is More

The phrase, “Less is more”, is from the poem “Andrea del Sarto” by Robert Browning written in 1855. Simply put, a little bit of something can sometimes be better than a lot of that same thing.

That would certainly apply to these two short films, Nuit Blanche and Embrace Life.

First, watch Nuit Blanche:

Canadian filmmaker Arev Manoukin spent four days actually filming the actors in this short film, and then eight months working on the digital effects. When you first think of eight months of work for a 4 ½ minute film, it seems hard to fathom. After watching it, you wonder how it was finished so quickly.

I could tell you what Manoukin said was the inspiration behind the film. But it would be more interesting to find out what you think it means. Let me know your thoughts. The winner gets a gold star. But if you Google his name to find out, well, no gold star for you.

What computer did he use in making the movie? You might not ask this, assuming it would be a Mac (now, envision me tilting my head back and laughing while also shaking my head back and forth). You would be wonderfully wrong. This movie was made on a PC running Windows XP. Please refer to my posting dated January 4, 2010 to understand fully my delectation.

Next, Embrace Life:

As you can see, this was actually a Public Service Announcement (PSA for all you acronym-junkies) for the UK (United Kingdom, for all you non-acronym-junkies). British director Brian Cox manages to shock us without making us sick. Notice where the hands of the driver end up at the end. Beautiful.

Interestingly, Robert Browning, the author of the line, “Less is more”, is the same author of the poem “Pippa Passes“. That poem is about an innocent young girl, singing her songs and unknowingly influencing others for good. These films both carry the thought of something good coming from bad. And if that wasn’t enough, Pippa is my last name.

Freaky, isn’t it?


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