Other Stuff – Steve Jobs & Radio

Steve Jobs’ net worth is 5.5 billion dollars. On March 11, 2010 he was the 136th richest man in the world.

But on July 16th, 2010, he finally had a reason to be wearing black. He did not have his happy face on. In fact, it seems he was irritated, defensive, defiant, and unapologetic. Not a happy-techno-camper.

So what does it take to make a man worth 5.5 billion dollars unhappy?

A broken phone.

Now, when you or I have a broken phone, we get a new one. Sometimes it’s free, sometimes it’s not. But Steve Jobs can’t get a new phone. He has to use the iPhone 4 Imagine if he was seen using the older version iPhone 3?

So unlike you and I, or me and you, Steve Jobs, or as I like to call him now, 5-Bil, is stuck with a phone you can only hold a certain way. Unless you put a piece of rubber around it.

5-Bil also told the audience, “We’re not perfect.” This caused Apple’s Stock to drop below the earth’s surface, the reverberations causing the oil leak in the Gulf Coast to spontaneously seal up. Wow!

Poor 5-Bil. I wish I could introduce him to a man I recently met. I don’t know his real name, but when I met him, he said to me, “They call me Radio.”

Radio was riding by on his bike, and I stopped him, asking if I could take his picture. He was very happy to oblige. In fact, he may have been the happiest man I met that day.

You can see why he is so happy in the picture below.

Yes, technology has made Radio happy. Much happier than 5-Bil is right now.

Radio rides around on his bike, with a boom box, a cell phone, a DVD player, and a lava lamp held securely to his handle bars with a bungee cord. I don’t think the handlebar tassels are electrified. In case you think this man is crazy, he has it all connected to a portable electric jump-starter. So this is a full functioning prototype.

And as you can see, Radio has on his happy face.

Come on 5-Bil, smile. At least you stopped the oil leak.


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