Other Stuff – Puppy

The more I researched the story below from the Reuters news site, my amusement turned to fear. See if you can see why I’m worried:


Did you catch it? Normally if a person makes a rude gesture at a group of Hell’s Angels, the story would go on to tell us what hospital he is in, or which funeral parlor is handling his burial.

But it seems throwing the puppy at the Hell’s Angels saved his life.

I have a mental image of a group of burly Hell’s Angels huddled around the puppy after it was thrown (“Back off! Give the poor little puppy some room or I’ll rip your lungs out!”).

What if people start realizing that puppies can be used as a weapon? An effective weapon. Imagine people carrying a puppy in a holster? What if people starting carrying concealed puppies?

Police Officer: “Sir, do you have a CPP (Concealed Puppy Permit)?

Man Armed with Concealed Puppy: “I don’t have a Concealed Puppy on me!”

Police Officer: “I can hear him whimpering sir.”

It looks as if life just got more complicated.


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