Other Stuff – Mad World

The song by Mad World, performed by Gary Jule, is simply beautiful. It’s a cover of the song of the same name originally performed by the British band Tears for Fears. I may have heard their version before, but I don’t want to again, for fear of contaminating the Gary Jule version that is in the “current” file in my brain.

The Gary Jule version is heartbreakingly poignant, fitting perfectly the lyrics which bespeak the way most young people view the sad, mad world before their eyes.

The music video of Gary Jules version, is the best music video ever made.

How can I say such a thing? Especially since I spend very little time watching music videos? It’s really not that hard. Since it’s a well known fact that the majority of music videos are worthless (by worthless, I mean that they are without worth), I don’t have to see a lot of them to know a good one when I see it. Once my brain tells me, “Mike, this is the best music video ever made”, I simply believe it (how can you argue with that kind of logic? Stop trying).

Watching many music videos in order to find good ones is akin to being told there is a small fleck of gold in a 50 gallon container of mud. In order to find the gold, you have to search through the mud. With your mouth. True, you might find that fleck of gold, but would it really be worth it?

So you can thank me for saving you all that trouble. Click below to watch the music video for Gary Jule’s Mad World:

What I find amazing about this video, is how much imagination and skill are used, instead of technology. Since the song is told from a young person’s perspective, the school setting is perfect. And even though today technology is rampant in schools, the video takes us back to a time when kids invented their own fun in a schoolyard, with imagination taking the place of iPods, Game Boys, and smart phones.  I might be wrong, but it appears to have been filmed in one take, no cuts or edits. Amazing.

So today you can tell your friends, “I just saw the greatest music video ever made, and I didn’t have to put any mud in my mouth!”

Your welcome.


2 thoughts on “Other Stuff – Mad World

  1. This is on of my favorite songs. I just heard the original (which I had never heard) and WOW…things are definitely not always better left unchanged.

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