Other Stuff – Holidays

A news story from Tempe, Arizona, USA caught my eye recently (notice how I added “USA” to give the impression people around the world read this blog. Take THAT CNN!). A restaurant there began serving reindeer meat during the Christmas season.

What especially caught my attention was that this same restaurant (which the news story described as “trendy” (i.e., overpriced) served rabbit at Easter. For that they received hate mail and death threats.

A local TV news station in the area, also showed the story. On their web page is a complaint from a father complaining because his kid saw the story and couldn’t believe anyone would eat Rudolph.

So which is worse? People who would send death threats to a restaurant, or parents who lie to their children? I can’t fool you can I?, Yes, they’re all sad, sad people.

If only these people would do a Google search for “Origins of Christmas”. I wish I had a dollar every time the word pagan comes up. Even 50 cents.

Or maybe they could turn to The Price Is Right! game show. More specifically, the host of that show. Below is a clip of something he said at the 2002 White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

Several things about that clip amaze me. One, that Drew Carey would admit to a cavernous room full of the powerful and popular, that he reads the Bible. Also, the last thing he says, “it’s ridiculous!”. Not just that he said that, but the way he said it shows to me he personally truly believes it is ridiculous. And he wasn’t afraid to admit it.



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