Other Stuff – Stupid People of the Day, Part 1

The first of our SPDs (Stupid Person/People of the Day) is Franck Pothé. Above we see him at the Nyiragongo Crater, which is in Great Lakes region of Africa.  Yes, he is standing at the rim of a lake of molten lava that appears to be overflowing. He is with a group of scientists  and explorers. I don’t know if he is a scientist or an explorer. Either way, he should know better. And by the way Mr. Pothé, just because you have a diacritical mark in your name, that doesn’t excuse such stupid behavior.

The second SPD is Mary Strey. Below is her picture:

As you may have guessed, Mary Strey was not having a good day. She was charged with drunken driving. Her blood alcohol level was double the legal limit. That alone would make her an SPD, but she especially stands out due to the conversation she had with a 911 dispatcher before her arrest:

Mary – “Somebody’s really drunk driving down Franton Road.”

911 Dispatcher – ‘Are you driving behind the drunk?’

Mary – “No, I am them.”

911 Dispatcher – “You am them?”

Mary – “Yes, I am them?”

Thank goodness she wasn’t near the Nyiragongo Crater. Then Frank Pothé would’ve been in an even more dangerous situation.


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