Other Stuff – Stupid People, Part 2

This blog is just an excuse to show a recent picture I took. I was driving down 79th St. in Miami, traffic was slowed because the police were pulled over on the side doing their police stuff.

So as I am slowly approaching this scene, I pull out my trusty Panasonic Lumix, deftly turned it on, aimed across my lovely wife, and snapped the scene you see above.

Not a happy feel-good picture, true, unless you look at it from certain points of view. One, the police are doing their job. Another bad guy is off the streets, at least for a few hours. Two, maybe he is innocent, but at least he’s alive. Not everyone who encounters the Miami Police can say that.

The handcuffs on the not-happy-but-still-living person reminds me of a recent news story that happened in Pensacola, Florida. It involves Michael Jay Scott, 19, pictured below.

If you are going to get a mug shot, at least LOOK happy, that’s what I say. Michael seems to agree. He was arrested after a fight with an acquaintance. He was taken to the hospital for treatment. He was handcuffed, but still managed to escape. He fled to a Home Depot, where he went to the tool section and tried to cut his handcuffs off with some bolt-cutters. This is where the story gets strange: HE WAS NOTICED BY SOME HOME DEPOT EMPLOYEES! I used to think that the only way to get assistance at a Home Depot was to walk in engulfed in flames. Maybe. Now I know, all I need to do is wear some handcuffs. Much less painful. Good to know.

Michael fled, but not before stealing a screw driver and nail file. Police then tracked him to a camper he broke into. He was still handcuffed. Must’ve been a cheap nail file. Next time Mike, try Lowes. Call me crazy, but I think with Michael, there will be a next time.


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