Other Stuff – Batlady, Baglady, Catman, and a Dummy

Time to share some pictures. They don’t need much explanation. One of them actually defies explanation. First up, Batlady:

I know what you’re thinking, but you’re wrong. This IS NOT the latest acquisition to the Florida Marlins baseball team. Then again, when you consider they are currently in last place in their division, maybe she should be. This impressive woman obviously didn’t need this baseball bat as a cane. The look on her face says it all: Back off, back way off. The fact that she’s dressed like a super hero should also give anyone approaching here with nefarious motives a reason to rethink their actions.

Next, Baglady.

Obviously, not a bag lady as the title is generally used. This smart woman’s ensemble has many practical uses. For one thing, the brightly colored bag on her head may keep her from becoming another victim of vehicular homicide. This is especially important when you consider a recent report that listed the top metropolitan areas that are most dangerous to pedestrians. The top four (Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, and Tampa) are of course in Florida. Another benefit, she has only ONE bag to drop in the event the Miami Police ever stop her while on patrol (or as they like to call it, target-practice) and ask her to put up her hands.

Number Three, the Dummy:

You might wonder, why is that man holding up that boy in traffic? Look closer:

Okay, it’s actually a man holding up a ventriloquist doll. So why is this man holding it up in traffic? It seems this man is famous in South Florida. He walks around spreading his version of religion, speaking through the doll. He has a sign strapped to his back that proclaims his message of warning and salvation. Ronald Reagan is also thrown in for good measure. Is it just me, or does the doll look embarrassed? Final question: which one is the dummy?

And finally, Catman:

Nothing funny here, just a kind old man walking down the street in Little Havana. When I first saw him, the cat was following him. Cats don’t normally follow people, but I soon saw why this one did. The old man paused, took some cat food out of a bag he had brought with him, and fed the cat. At his age, this requires a good amount of exertion, and now the man is having a drink of water.

Sweet man, I hope he’ll be OK. After all, he is a pedestrian in Miami.


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