Steve Jobs Died & I Bought a New PC

I’m treading on dangerous ground here, so let me be clear: I think anyone’s death is a tragedy to their families and loved ones. This is especially true when one dies at the young age of 56. I myself am 51, so yes, 56 is young. Steve Jobs’ family, friends, and co-workers are understandably grief-stricken.

Since I wrote the definitive treatise about the superiority of PCs over Macs in my January 4, 2010 posting, I felt it only proper I respond to the plethora of stories out last week about Steve Jobs, and what appears to some to be the end of the world.

Wikipedia says “His death was widely mourned and considered a loss to the world by commentators across the globe.”

Yes, I know quoting Wikipedia as a source is almost at the same level as quoting Archie Comics (which never fully explained why Jughead’s nose was shaped like a french fry, by the way), but in this case, I believe Wikipedia is accurate. The world is mourning the loss of Steve Jobs. That seems a bit lugubrious.

Steve Jobs was a shrewd businessman who made, or at least over-saw the development of some really nifty over-priced machines. But civilization managed to exist for 6000 years before the Apple II, and it will continue existing when computers are no longer needed. Come on world, deal with it.

Which brings me to my new acquisition, an AMD 3.10 Ghz quad core PC with Windows 7. It’s a 64-bit machine so it has 6 gigs of RAM, and I added a graphics card that enables me to use two monitors. L-O-V-E I-T! I HAD to buy it, because my last PC recently died. Not sure why. Our neighborhood (Little Havana, Miami) has been experiencing power surges and brown-outs lately. We don’t like power shortages here in Miami, as we want our streets well-lit for the Miami-Dade Police Department as they go on patrol (or as some call it, “target practice”). The tenants downstairs had a power strip catch fire, and our microwave kept making sounds like it was being powered by a very tired squirrel on an exercise wheel. So I suspect, my computer was an unfortunate victim to a corroded neutral power line.

By the way, my parents are visiting from Connecticut. We passed by a McDonald’s, and Dad said “Back in the States you can get coffee there for one dollar”. That perfectly describes the Miami experience; you really feel like you’re in another country.

But I digress.

How much did this PC cost? Around one-sixth the price of a comparable Apple.

Did I mention how much it cost in comparison to an Apple? Oh yes, I did.

Another sad aspect to this is that Steve Jobs died before the release of Windows 8 and Windows Mango for smart phones. I wish he could have been here for the Windows resurgence.


One thought on “Steve Jobs Died & I Bought a New PC

  1. In my Bible – Based discussion this past Sunday entitled, “Godly Wisdom in a Scientific World”, I asked the audience at one point, “How many know who Steve Jobs is?”. You got it, almost all raised hands.
    The point I was making? You can’t help but know him, as for the last week the world has mourned and revered him to the point you would have thought he invented life…..Well you get it – BUT did you know I own an IMAC?

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