Other Stuff – Toy Truck, Handle Car, Beer Dog, & Puffy.

Sharing time. Some sights should be shared for all to see. Some sights also must be seen to be believed. We’ll start with the ridiculous, and work our way up to the sublime. First, the Toy Truck.

If you double-click on the image, a larger version of the picture should come up. I hope you’ll do that and see how many toys you can identify that the above Window & Door Installer has glued to his vehicle. Spider-Man, Batman, various animals, a severed Stormtrooper, even a thermostat. Business must be good, he obviously is not afraid of scaring off his customers.

Next, the Handle Car.

In the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), in describing the alien monolith discovered on the moon, Dr. Heywood Floyd reports that “its origin and purpose is still a total mystery”. This quote can also be applied to the car pictured above. The owner likes to attach handles, hundreds of handles to the exterior of his car. Why? Any ideas HAL? HAL?

Next, Beer Dog  .

Call me heartless, but that is the reason I never give money to a begging dog.

And finally, Puffy.

Puffy is a cat. Some kind of angora. Hair recently shaved off and growing back. Travel and Leisure magazine recently listed their ratings of the rudest cities in the United States. New York was #1, Miami #2. That being the case, Puffy might seem like a candidate for Miami Mascot, but in reality, he’s a very sweet cat. He’s part of a household with 5 cats in it, and by far he’s the most personable and friendly. And how can you not love that tooth?

As far as Miami being the second rudest city in the United States, remember; when you’re number two, you try harder. Wait’ll next year! Got a problem with that?????


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