Other Stuff – Beggar du jour

While most of the world seems to be watching the Super Bowl at this moment, I thought I would do something productive, something important. Such as share with you an interesting anecdote.

While at a stop traffic light today, I saw a man holding up a sign, begging for money. Begging for money seems to be the most common career in Miami (just behind Cosmetic Surgery).

Speaking of traffic lights, have you ever noticed when you ask someone directions, and it involves turning at a light, they always say “Turn right at the red light.” What if the light is green? Do you NOT turn?

But I digress.

I usually don’t give money to beggars. Sometimes food, depending on the situation. I obviously don’t know what the money would be spent on (alcohol, drugs, Hello Kitty outerwear) so I hesitate to give them cash. The man I saw today however, deserved a dollar as a reward for his creative wit. See the picture below.

As I rolled down the window, I told him how great I thought his sign was, and if I could get his picture if I gave him some money. He said, “Thanks for having a  good sense of humor.”

He lives in Miami, and he said “thanks.” Wow. Maybe next time I see him, I’ll give him another dollar.


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