Other Stuff – Photo Caption Contest # 1

I entered a photo-caption contest at The New Yorker website. I didn’t win. Looking at it objectively, I should have won. My caption was exceptionally funny, topical, and a little hard to understand, which made it perfect for The New Yorker. Below is the cartoon with my caption:


How could that not win? Very clever picture, begging for a caption, and then voila! The perfect caption!

So I decided to start my own contest. Below is the photo I took of some coconuts at a local grocery store:


I decided to do this because I noticed I hadn’t posted a blog in a while. I have been busy with OMITs (Other More Important Things), but I felt sorry for my fan (that would be my Father) who occasionally checks this blog looking for something new.

So go ahead, think of a good caption. Click the “leave a caption” link, and post it there. The winner gets ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I will approve all entries, unless I decide not to, for reasons both just and arbitrary. The winner will be announced every WIGATI (When I Get Around To It). However, please take care of your OMITs first.


13 thoughts on “Other Stuff – Photo Caption Contest # 1

  1. “We got so excited we lost our heads!” or
    “The Claw!!”— Toy Story or
    “I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts… There they are standing in a row, big ones small ones some as big as your head!!”— The Lion King. 🙂

    Did I win absulutly nothing!?!

    1. A fellow contestant voting for a rival! Maybe if the Olympians showed this attitude we would have been spared the disgusting Badminton scandal! Another Olympics ruined!

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