Other Stuff – It’s Not About The Nail

35 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute. That’s 50,400 hours of video per day.

As a test, I did a search on YouTube for “paint drying”. I shouldn’t be surprised, but you can actually watch videos of paint drying. I watched 14 seconds of one to make sure it was real. It is. Don’t try this yourself, it’s a waste of time. I SAID DON’T!

Most of those 35 hours per minute videos are not worth watching, unless they are of cats, which are, as we know, the main reason for the existence of the Triple-W.

Below is a video that is very much worth watching. It is brilliant.

If you’re single, you’ll think it’s funny. If you’re married, you’ll know WHY it’s funny.


4 thoughts on “Other Stuff – It’s Not About The Nail

    1. Hahahaha as in “That’s dead-on hilarious!”, or Hahahaha as in “I’m a woman and we’re not like that”, or Hahahaha as in “That’s exactly right – deal with it!”? If it’s the first one, you’re welcome, if it’s the second one, you should have wrote “Hardeeharhar” to denote sarcasm, if it’s the third, I couldn’t agree with you more.

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