Other Stuff – I Will Wait

Jenny is visiting her parents this week in Not Miami, Georgia. It’s east of Athens, which is east of Atlanta, so technically it’s east-east of Atlanta.

I just finished doing the dishes. That is normally Jenny’s job. My job is ironing our clothes, except for a piece or two of Jenny’s that were designed by some people obsessed with pleats that I am NOT ALLOWED to iron. Jenny is very quick doing dishes. I am not. I put some songs on while I was washing them, because men, as you know, cannot do housework without some type of media playing. Otherwise, it’s just the man, the housework, and the silence. Terrifying.

One of my FSOTM (Favorite Song of the Moment) was playing, I Will Wait by Mumford and Sons. The song is amazing, and I remembered a video of it in concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado.

I’m not a big watcher of music videos, most are unwatchable, but this one is different.

The directors, Fred & Nick (that’s all I could find out about them in my 2 minutes of searching) have given us a beautiful 5 minute movie.

If you enjoy this video half as much as I did, then that means I’ve enjoyed it twice as much as you!


2 thoughts on “Other Stuff – I Will Wait

  1. Mike. I didn’t know people of your age listened to this stuff!
    Tried to think of reasons why you like it so much, came up with the following:-
    1. You to wait for people a lot.
    2. You think all those people in the crowd are waving at you.
    3. You enjoy jumping up and down.

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