Other Stuff – Photograph 10.31.13


I was waiting for some friends today. I was in the car, by myself. Me and my phone. I have a smartphone, which means I am connected to the Triple-W. I had countless webpages and apps to keep me occupied while waiting for my friends. Since I was parked in the shade, and it is the end of October, the temperature was comfortable. No need for the car’s air conditioning to be running. Windows open, except for the driver’s side front window, which stopped working a while ago. So I had the driver’s side door open to allow cross-ventilation.

It was at this moment that a bug fell on my arm.

At first he moved slowly, I assume he was stunned from the fall. I imagine if the situation had been reversed, if I had fallen one hundred feet on a bug the size of an oil tanker, I’d be a little stunned myself. Who wouldn’t?

Forget the internet, here was something really cool. I took my Nokia Lumia 928 with it’s Carl Zeiss camera and Pureview technology, and snapped the above picture.

Ansel Adams said “There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.” I believe that. I can’t explain the exact reason I like this photograph, but I know I do. That’s good enough for me.

Just wanted to share it today.


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