Other Stuff – Aningaaq (2013)

Remember when movie theaters  used to show short films before the main feature? I believe we used to call them “shorts”.  Charlie Chaplen, Bugs Bunny, The Little Rascals, and many others, all had their time as shorts. Except for those made by Disney/Pixar, they’re pretty much regulated to YouTube or film festivals.That’s a shame, because now before a movie in the theater we have to endure commercials, pleadings to shut off your cell phone, and endless previews. The previews run the gamut from I’m-looking-forward-to-to-seeing-that to close-your-eyes-and-cover-your-ears-while-humming-the-theme-song-to-The-Brady-Bunch-so-as-to-avoid-contamination.

Which brings us to Aningaaq. If you’ve seen Gravity (2013) you remember a scene when Sandra Bullock contacts someone on the radio earth side. Unfortunately, the person speaks no English. Did she contact someone in Miami? Good guess, but no. This short film shows us the other side of that conversation.

And if you haven’t yet seen Gravity, why not? What’s wrong with you? GET MOVING!

Written and Directed by Jonas Cuaron (son of Gravity Director Alfonso Cuaron and co-writer of Gravity), Aningang is a wonderfully produced, contemplative seven minute companion to one of the most frenetic movies ever made.

Bullock’s conversation does reveal details of the movie you may not want to know if you haven’t yet seen it.

That’s all you need to know. Enjoy.


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