We were driving in Miami today, or as it’s also known as, WHAT ARE YOU, CRAZY! STAY HOME!!!!, when I saw the object above, the far right one, laying in the road. I was in the center turn lane, waiting to get into traffic, and it seemed pretty safe (for a war-zone), so I got out and retrieved the object.

I have no idea what it is.

I was hoping you would know. The Rubik’s Cube is in the picture for scale, and next to it, the Borg Cube is there because, well, I like Borg Cubes. This object (heretofore referred to as Max) is unusually heavy. Five pounds actually. I was able to use Max as a hammer earlier this evening to hang a picture on the wall. Max worked GREAT!

The O-Rings imply Max is used to seal something under pressure, but the top shape doesn’t seem very functional as a cover.

This definitely falls into the NITOL category (NOT IMPORTANT THINGS OF LIFE), but if anyone of you knows what Max is, I would greatly appreciate you’re input.


8 thoughts on “Whatizzit?

  1. A few questions:
    1. Any idea what metal it is?
    2. Are those rubber rings around the base?
    3. On the bottom is there a threaded hole?

    1. These are the times I regret trading my metal testing kit for a Mickey Mouse Pez dispenser! Here’s what I know about the metal: silver color, hard enough to use as hammer, surprisingly heavy. Yes, the O-Rings are made of rubber. And no threaded hole on bottom, only a flat surface.

  2. Well Mike we’ve done some research and google doesn’t recognize this object. It also doesn’t recognize a chair or lamp. We tried.

    L n L

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. There are people in the world that fear Google is becoming too powerful, that their ultimate goal is world domination. But since their search engine can’t recognize a chair. . . I’m not too worried.

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