Other Stuff – Pantene Commercial (Deaf Violinist)

Harper Lee has only published one book in her life, so far. The book? To Kill a Mockingbird. If this turns out to be her only literary achievement, good for her. To ‘leave the crowd wanting more’ is an axiom that if more people would apply, we would be subjected to much less wasted time.

The short film below, which is actually a commercial for Pantene hair products, falls into this category. In four minutes, we are guided through a variety of emotions, truly swept away briefly into someone’s life.

I don’t know what this film maker went on to do in his or her’s creative life, but it doesn’t matter. If this is all there is, it’s more than enough.


2 thoughts on “Other Stuff – Pantene Commercial (Deaf Violinist)

  1. As I watched this video, my wife was in the next room watching one of her favorite movies, “Miss Potter.” Somehow I find these two very different pieces similar. Thanks for sharing.

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