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DSCF0080_edited   It’s become the norm for people, young and older, to walk around this world wearing earbuds or headphones. They seem to want their personal soundtrack to match what they see as they walk about. Or maybe they’re just trying to isolate themselves. Like a girl who sat next to me on a recent flight from NYC to Ft Lauderdale. Immediately she puts on her headphones and starts listening to a podcast. Then she watches a movie, again wearing earbuds. She finally stops using her electronic device, but she does what you see in the picture below:

DSCF0101 (Large)

They don’t know what they’re missing. On a recent day sight-seeing in NYC, we made notes of parts of conversations we heard.  They are interesting by themselves, but even more so if you imagine the parts of the conversation you didn’t hear. And some are just plain sad.

“It’s just like taking care of a kid!”

“If you can keep your house that’s awesome, because you love it.”

“Don’t worry Ma.”

“Put it in my shoe man. Don’t throw my shoe at it.”

“Yeah, but they fight.”

“No seriously I lost weight! I lost weight in my tummy!”

“My main concern is financial/house all in order.”

“Oh look! Now we got a digital cinema!”

“Yeah I know. Everywhere here is like that.”

“I betcha we’re less than halfway back.”

“My best friend died.”

“I’ve seen all the episodes!!”

“I never know what I’m doing til the day of…..til the morning of!”

“I like that hat sir! You look real attractive in that hat! Where you from?”

“Hey guys! For the homeless!!”

“This guy knows! This guy knows!”

Man #1: “Alright! Ritsio I’ll see ya tomorrow.” Man #2: “Where ya going?” Man #1: “I’m going home! It’s 4:00!”

“That’s why I don’t answer the phone no more. People will be like….”

“Subway?” “No I’m gonna walk home. Take care. “

“Try to avoid me.”

“This is my freedom OK? My freedom!”

“I really like this music. I think I’m gonna sing this music.”


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