Other Stuff – Gonna Get Over You


Most music videos are a sad waste of time, effort, and money. Occasionally, someone gets it right. Like this one by Sara Bareilles. And make sure you watch it till the end.

First of all, it captures what a good song makes you want to do: Move with it. Whether you’re in a car, you start swaying the upper part of your body to the beat. Or if you’re alone, you might go all out and make up a dance routine.

I love songs that show a small, or large, group dancing in unison. This is probably considered cheesey, but you know something, cheese is great (as long as you don’t focus on how it’s actually made. Yuck.)

This reminds of the wonderful dance routines in West Side Story (1961). Below is one of the best ones in the movie. Enjoy. Just don’t knock anything over while you’re dancing. And you’re welcome.


One thought on “Other Stuff – Gonna Get Over You

  1. Very energetic! Thanks for sharing.

    My new favorite music video doesn’t make you want to dance, but it sure makes you want to smile: http://bit.ly/1inN8Rg

    The singers remind me of Wilson-Phillips for some reason. Just outstanding.

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